Buju Banton gives reason why “Rastafari is under Threat” in Viral Video

August 3, 2020

Reggae dancehall superstar Mark Anthony Myrie aka Buju Banton is not happy with the recent verdict that bans the wearing of dreadlocks in Jamaican schools.

“Yes once again Rastafari is under threat.. we have come far” Banton talks about the legalization of “herb” and other endeavours that Rasta started but he is very concern that the rastaman kids are not allowed to be educated like the Jews and others, he stated “i see that as discrimination ” Buju Banton went on to ask why the courts want the rastaman kids to trim their hair.


“we refuse to be what you wanted us to be enuh.. we cant be that anymore because our eyes are open” Watch the video that he posted on his instagram below.


People are now questioning the meaning of the word independent as the court has ruled that the school has the right to ban the little girl as they feel fit.

Known as Z the little girl now 7 years old has been going through the process of hearing with the court for 2 years.

This started when her parents had an issue with the opinion that Kensington primary had against their daughter wearing dreadlocks to school.

The parents of the little girl noted their religious affiliation is not Rastafari, in their family.


The dreadlocks according to the parents though have always been a symbol of cultural expression which according to them their daughter is being denied.

The family was represented by Isat Buchannan operating under the Justice for Jamaicans rights group.

The mother of the child made it known that if her child was not allowed to wear the dreadlocked hairstyle to school then she will definitely be moving her.


The final court ruling also was done before the presence of members of the government who said nothing as it relates to the situation.



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