Buju Banton Lashes Out at Jamaica’s Government in Latest Performance

The world of reggae and dancehall music has always been a platform for artistes to express their views on social, political, and cultural issues. Buju Banton, a name synonymous with the genre’s rich legacy, once again exemplified the power of music as a vehicle for social commentary during his electrifying performance at the 31st annual Marcus Garvey celebration at Irie FM.

In a passionate speech during his set, the Jamaican legend aimed at his country’s government and its failings, igniting praise and controversy.

Buju Banton’s address was a rallying cry for change, as he highlighted the challenges and injustices faced by the citizens of Jamaica. He minced no words as he touched on the issue of political ignorance among the populace, which often allows politicians to exploit the situation by using complex language that goes over the heads of the very people they serve.

This tactic, Banton argued, creates a power dynamic that ultimately benefits the politicians, leaving the citizens in a state of confusion and disempowerment.

See a photo of Buju Banton performing at the Marcus Garvey Celebration below:

Buju Banton


One of the central points of Banton’s speech revolved around the stark contrast in the treatment of public sector workers and politicians themselves. He emphasised the plight of police officers, doctors, teachers, and nurses whose pay raise requests got denied, while politicians saw their salaries soar by up to 300%.

The artiste’s discourse also delved into the disturbing trend of sensationalism used to shift the nation’s attention. He pointed out that while the public was rightly upset about the dramatic pay disparity, the focus quickly switched to sensational news stories, such as the tragic death of a child. Banton highlighted the need to mourn our children but challenged the audience’s awareness, shedding light on the alarming fact that over 6,000 children had gone missing in Jamaica since the start of the year. This acute shift in perspective highlighted the diversion of attention away from systemic issues and towards sensationalist distractions.

Buju Banton didn’t shy away from addressing issues deeply ingrained in the “societal fabric.” He discussed the changing role of men in Jamaican society, criticising the prevalence of substance abuse like drinking rum and boom in the mornings.


In continuing, he lamented the erosion of the traditional protector role of men and lamented the lack of knowledge about constitutional rights, which could lead to the manipulation of voters. Banton’s assertion that voting is not just for oneself but for future generations underscored his commitment to lasting change.

The artiste went on to call for a reevaluation of progress itself. While politicians touted infrastructure development and economic growth as progress, Banton argued that real progress also means the people are satisfied.

He poignantly noted that a satisfied populace would naturally result in less crime. This comment challenged conventional ideas of progress, emphasising the importance of social well-being alongside economic gains.

See the video below:


“⚠️Explicit language ⚠️ @bujubanton With a message ✊🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

However, Banton’s commentary was not without controversy. His use of expletives underscored the urgency and passion behind his message.

Moreover, some critics brought up the artiste’s decision to remove his song “Boom Bye Bye” from circulation to avoid offending the LGBTQ+ community. This act left some questioning his consistency and sincerity in addressing sensitive issues.

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