Buju Banton released from US prison

Friday, December 7, 2018, 5:20 PM

Buju Banton who was set to be released on December 8 from the federal prison in Georgia, USA, where he has been spending a 10 year sentence for a drug related crime was released today December 7th according to An officer at the institution and The Jamaica Gleaner.com.
The Reggae artiste who started his career in the late 1980’s has fans, relatives and colleagues are looking forward to welcoming him back home and there is hope that things will change in the Whitehall community where he grew up and pursued his career in the music business.

It’s still not clear which day deejay will make his way back to the Island.


His initial release date was set as February 2019, but was later revised to December 8, 2018.


In a surprise post on IG buju said the following “In light of the adversity I have encountered, I feel the need to stress that my only desire going forward is peace and love. I only want to be associated with my craft. Having survived, I want to share the good news and strength of my music which I have devoted my life to. I look forward to the opportunity to say a personal thanks to my fans and everyone who supported me,”

Buju’s Co-defendants Ian Thomas and James Mack were arrested when they attempted to sell 20 kilograms of cocaine in Florida and Buju was arrested hours later. Both co-defendants settled for plea deals and took lighter sentences.
The case against Banton was pinned on him by prosecutors who had a video of him tasting a substance in a Government controlled warehouse in Tampa.

Stay tune for more on this developing story.


Since Buju was locked up a woman was murdered by gunmen, but changes are being made as the authorities are trying to do something new for the area. The names of many tributaries are different now, as Olivia Babsy Grange the Minister of Entertainment unveiled the changes in the area recently.

Buju’s friend Red Dragon, who is Flougon’s younger brother, died in 2015. There has been a long standing feud between thugs from 100 Lane and Park Lane had died down for a while, but the murder of Hasia Fowles has changed the situation and the police are now trying to keep the area calm by being in the area at all times.

Many of the artistes who were raised in the area were present when the Entertainment Minister was there, and it has been rumored that the Government is planning to use music to bring peace and hope to many communities across Jamaica.

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