Buju Banton reportedly looking to leave USA right after prison release

Friday, October 26, 2018, 3:51 PM GMT-5

Buju Banton has been serving time in an American prison for almost ten years and he is expected to be released on December 8, 2018. His publicist has revealed that the entertainer has put together a good team to organize his performances when he is released.

The circumstances, surrounding his incarceration has been controversial and he is still saying he is innocent and he was framed. Since he has been in prison a lead juror in his trial had disobeyed an order that was made by the judge, and he was convicted and given 5 months probation and ordered to do community service.

Buju’s Co-defendants Ian Thomas and James Mack were arrested when they attempted to sell 20 kilograms of cocaine in Florida and Buju was arrested hours later. Both co-defendants settled for plea deals and took lighter sentences.
The case against Banton was pinned on him by prosecutors who had a video of him tasting a substance in a Government controlled warehouse in Tampa.

It is alleged that the confidential informant, Alex Johnson, was paid US$3.5 million to do his job and he offered Buju good contacts in the music industry and then when Buju trusted him things changed from music business to drugs business.

Buju had his sentence reduced by a month when a gun charge that was laid against him was dropped.
Mark Myrie whose stage name is Buju Banton is anxious to get out of prison and he has even paid attorneys to help him to get out of America as quickly as possible as soon as he is released.

“The planned tour is called “Long Walk to Freedom Tour” and he is looking forward to performing in Jamaica before he performs anywhere else,” said his publicist Ronnie Tomlinson.

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