Buju Bashes “Clown” Artistes that Support the Vaccine… Says he is not Coke-Head – Video

Veteran Reggae singer Buju Banton is not a stranger to speaking out against things happening in society that he does not like, and he did just that again in a recent video that went viral as he addressed a wide spectrum of concerns.

In the video, the “Gargamel” stated that the people can call him anything they like but he knows for sure that he is not a cokehead and murderer. He then went on to say that some may have it that he is a mad man however, the singer thinks it is the people who are mad, with the things happening to them in the country.


One thing Buju highlighted was that most of his friends are dying from what is going on, while some are getting sick, however in contrast the veteran artiste said his father is almost 80 years old and still is strong, which makes him wonder what is happening to the people, while also speaking to them choosing vanity over all else.

Banton went on in his fiery warnings to state that everything they do to the people is wrong which shows in the fact that they are taking away the Sabbath from the people and forcing them to worship on Sunday, having them live a cyclical life where they eat, sleep, work and are tired by the end of the week.

With all that being said, Buju expressed that he has been fighting for his people since he got his blessing at age 19, never bowing out like others who he loved as entertainers that chose to sell out everything including their souls. The veteran Reggae singer even referred to persons using the mark of the beast as their hand signs, to show the route of evil they have taken with their lives.

The “Upside Down” artiste then went on to express that he is not an entertainer because those classified as such are clowns, and he would rather see himself as a singer and player of instrument as the Bible said.

The point Banton made about entertainers bowing out, is quite interesting since the “Gaza Boss” Vybz Kartel is one of those prominent Jamaican artiste who was known to be loved by Buju, and who recently decided to take the Jab and went on to bash other entertainers as being uneducated when they gave their opinions against the vaccine.

Continuing with his talk, the popular singjay blasted the Government, the Police and the Tv for tricking the people and not exposing them to the truth, as they are only pushing one narrative which by his talk, is safe to assume he is referring to the vaccine as he went on to state that people are now getting rejected from restaurants which forces them to learn to cook, however, the singer said many people are not prepared for what is to come as many of them do not even know how to farm.


In further speaking out against the unrighteousness he is seeing, Buju went on to ask about the kind of plans that people have in place for the times that we are in, which sees the adversaries wanting to take away the feeling of God from the people.

In an emotional bout, the “Gargamel” continued by stating that it is the children who he is sorry for since they are the saints that have been exposed to nastiness by the people.

He was not done with talks surrounding the pandemic either, as he went on to state that more people are dying from crime in the country than the virus, expressing that each lockdown spurs a murder spree.


The singer also spoke of the president of the United Independent Congress, asking who is backing him since he saw no one defending him when he got locked up for the anti-vaccination protest he led out.

Banton ensured he made it known in the video that the people now have a choice with the independent party, however, he highlighted that some people will forever stick to the two-party system no matter what but it is important that they realize they have a choice and not lose faith and hope in a time where parents and grandparents prophesied would come.


Watch his chat below.


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