“Free the people” Buju Rants About A Tyrannical and Oppressive Jamaican Government – Video

Buju Banton has once again gone on what some might refer to as a rant however, this time it was not about the wearing of a mask, it was about some inconsistencies he picked up on his radar which he so passionately wanted to speak about.

The video with the “Gargamel’s” rant was posted on Sound system selector Richie Feeling’s page and in the video, the entertainer highlighted the fact that the Government of Jamaica only gave the people 10,000 dollars, which coincidentally is the same amount of money charged if the Disaster Risk Management act is violated.


He also spoke of the alternative 30 days that one will need to spend In prison if the law is violated, and refers to it along with the charges listed for resisting arrest, and those for Police assault, as tyrannical and oppressive because he thinks the Government placed the rules in place to protect their political interest.

Buju Banton ensured he referred to the constitution of Jamaica, making it known that it does not allow the office of the Prime Minister to oppress people.

The veteran reggae artiste brought up the fact that politicians are voted in by the people however, they have chosen to switch up on Jamaicans who have decided not to speak how they feel due to them not wanting to offend anyone.

He was also brave enough to refer to the Politicians as thieves, who have been pushing Jamaicans to the brink of extinction.

In the conclusion of his hot rant, Buju Banton said that the Government have been telling the people about the vaccination shot however, none of the members is taking it.

Watch his rant below.




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