Buju Urges COVID-19 Victims to TAKE ACTION, Says “Time for decision is now”

May 30, 2021

Buju Banton who has been against COVID-19 policies across the world took to his social media page to share his thoughts once again. Hours ago the Gargamel took to IG and wrote “READ ABOVE” as caption to a text he wrote with white writing and a black background.

According to Buju, the time is now to make a change!


“My fellow Jamaicans, those at home and abroad. We are now at the crossroads. The time for decision is now. We have witnessed the wholesale destruction of lives, businesses, family and your very freedom”, read the full statement below.

Last year Buju stated “wi done with this mask wearing bullshit ina Jamaica” he states that he is not about to follow the “intellectual fools” who can’t even find the cure for cancer. In March 2021, the entertainer highlighted the fact that the Government of Jamaica only gave the people 10,000 dollars, which coincidentally is the same amount of money charged if the Disaster Risk Management act is violated.

He also spoke of the alternative 30 days that one will need to spend In prison if the law is violated, and refers to it along with the charges listed for resisting arrest, and those for Police assault as tyrannical and oppressive because he thinks the Government placed the rules in place to protect their political interest.

The veteran reggae artiste brought up the fact that politicians are voted in by the people however, they have chosen to switch up on Jamaicans who have decided not to speak how they feel due to them not wanting to offend anyone.

He was also brave enough to refer to the Politicians as thieves, who have been pushing Jamaicans to the brink of extinction.

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