Bunny Wailer’s Family Faces Big Hospital Bill In The Midst Of Defending His Legacy

Monday, April 5, 2021, 1:29 PM

After the last six weeks of the great Reggae legend Bunny Wailer’s hospitalization, the bill surprisingly spiked to $5,275,763 and the family of the deceased icon has been complaining to the media that they are not in the position to clear such a heavyweight expense.

The children of the Bunny, however, has stated that if it was a case in which their father’s business was being properly handled everything would have been cleared up, and their situation would be much better off.


The issue according to the children of the legend is that there are parties involved in the current concerns of the family that they thought were dealing with them in their best interest, however, that is not the case as they now have to be considering a VP records deal to clear the hospital charges, even though their father is no longer alive.

The lawyer for Bunny Wailer’s manager, Maxime Stowe commented on the issue when contacted stating that no issue should exist at this time where the bills are concerned, as millions were already paid since the year 2020 however, the children of the great wailer do not believe that a record deal should be signed to clear the expenses.

According to Bunny’s former 90’s manager, Bunny Wailer was a private person and would be upset at the current happenings, and so he believes that the legend should be given the respect he deserves and be buried with “dignity and grace”.

Originally the “Blackheart man” artiste was supposed to be buried at his Dreamland farm in Portland, on April 10th, but due to the funeral restrictions put in place by the government, they will need to wait on the Prime Minister’s go-ahead to do so.

Since the March 2nd death of Bunny Wailer, there has been much commotion between the family, and the deceased entertainer’s manager, about the legacy he left behind and how it should be split.

The children of Bunny Wailer has since held a firm stance on what they want and are not backing out of the fight, a sentiment which Doctor dread shares as he experienced a similar happening when his mother passed away recently, however, he has stated that once the family come together the matter can be properly sorted out.

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