Burglars who Robbed Rihanna and other Celebrities Arrested

After more than 24 homes that were belonging to celebrities were burglarized, the Los Angeles police finally found three teens and a mother whose son is one of the three suspected teens and they have been arrested. They were caught during a routine traffic stop on September
27th and they allegedly had things that belonged to Robert Woods, who is a celebrity who lives in the area.

Since there has been so many break-ins in the area and Rihanna’s home was one of the homes that was robbed, it is believed that these teenagers and the mother was responsible for robbing Rihanna as well.

The officers are saying they believe, the burglars used Social Media to get information about the dates and time when the celebrities would be on tour, performing or playing at matches, and they would time them perfectly, so they wouldn’t be caught.

The suspects also had millions of dollars, worth of designer purses, jewelry, watches $50,000 cash and other valuable items that could be identified as things that was stolen over the past year, in their home when the police checked.

Other celebrities such as Alanis Morissette lost his safe with $2 million worth of valuables. Rappers Wiz Khalifa, Post Malone and Yasief Puig were on the list of celebrities who were already robbed.

The burglars were also found with a list of celebrities, such as Lebron James, Matt Damon and others.
The burglars would enter the homes through windows or doors and quickly go to the master bedroom, quickly took what they wanted and left before the alarm went off.

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