Burna Boy’s Viral Moment on Stage Compared to Usher and Alicia Keys by Fan – Watch Video

The video clip of Burna Boy being assisted with his clothing by a male associate on stage is making rounds online, especially in Jamaica where viewers have a lot to say about the endeavour.

While most Jamaicans don’t like the sight, many are of the view that the male associate was just doing his job when he got up close and personal with the African superstar onstage.

Amongst the many reactions, one fan decided to compare the moment with that of Usher and Alicia Keys’ Superbowl moment onstage as Usher stood closely behind Keys and gave her a warm embrace with his hand locked around her.

Notably, while Usher stretched his arms around Keys to show intimacy, Burna’s associate lapped his arms around Burna’s waist to tie a piece of clothing that was loose around the artiste’s waist.

Check out the now-viral video of Burna Boy and his associate onstage below:

In response to the viral video, one viewer wrote, “I think he should have done that before going out on stage.”

Reginald Bassa shared the meme below as a humourous response:

User @everdine83 disagreed with the backlash and stated, “I’m not thinking anything. Why can’t he take care of the artist? He getting paid to perform his duties..”

Another person outlined, “Y’all think everything has to be gay. Y’all are sad individuals 😔😩😩!!!! Damn, why it can’t just be he making sure it’s fitting, so it won’t fall off😩😩.”

See more of the reactions below:

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