Bus Driver Stops Mother From Jumping off Bridge with Child – Watch Video

A bus driver was just in time to save an innocent child’s life before a woman, presumably his mother, leapt from a bridge with him in her arms. The driver was seen jumping to the child’s rescue in surveillance footage that was captured from the camera inside the bus.

The footage begins with a woman walking ahead of a bus as she holds a boy’s hand. The bus pulls up next to her just as she takes the child into her arms and starts climbing over the railing of the bridge.

The driver, springing into action, rushes to the woman and pulls them away from the edge.

There seems to be a bit of a struggle as he holds them, and a passenger also goes to assist by taking the child away. While the passenger carries the little boy inside the bus, the woman struggles to be free, trying to get the child back.

The video, which dubbed the driver a “hero,” has amassed over 734.5K views and 14.3K likes on Twitter since being posted yesterday. One person reacted to the video by saying, “Heart breaking what is happening in our world …,” and another person said, “Love how he stayed with her afterwards just holding her. Pure soul.”

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Watch the video of the incident below:

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