Busy Signal Accused Of “Borrowing” Black Mattic Lyrics

November 21, 2021 11:49 AM

The internet has been abuzz with recent chatter, that dancehall entertainer Busy Signal has been ‘borrowing’ (without permission), the lyrical content of fellow dancehall entertainer Black Mattic.

Allegations began to surface when a video was posted on YouTube, where the lyrical contents of Busy Signal’s ‘Wah Gwaan Mad Head’ song were compared to Black Mattic’s ‘Block Head’ song. Needless to say, coincidence or deliberate, the song titles are too close for comfort.


But the similarities go even further than just the titles, as the styles and lyrical content in the songs are also quite close.

Sections in the song’s lyrical content are similar, as Black Mattic deejays, ‘Yow dwag mi nuh talk to dead, we run street we a dweet like Forty Leg, pocket be slim like a slice a shorty bread nah mine yuh yute yow yute yah wata head…’

Busy Signal in his song deejays, ‘Nah tan inna place if di party dead, nuh man nuh fi wiggle like a Forty Leg, mi love see gal a bubble up gal a wine up…’

Checks made on YouTube reveal that Black Mattic’s ‘Block Head’ song was released almost a year ago, while Busy Signal’s ‘Wah Gwaan Mad Head’ is just two months old.


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