Buy Approved Meat over the Holidays says Environmental Health Officer

The Environmental Health Unit of the Southern Authority (SRHA) urges Jamaican consumers to be very careful during the holidays and beyond when they are purchasing meat. 

Carlene Mitchell-Hennie, the Regional environmental Health officer said Jamaicans should ensure they buy the meat from approved or licensed places of slaughter and licensed butchers should have the Governments Stamp of approval present to show that the meat was inspected and passed and it is fit to be eaten by humans.

She also emphasized the importance of food safety, and how important it is for persons to buy meat from a reputable establishment.

Several health risks are associated with eating meat that is not fit for consumption, there are serious health effects such as food poisoning and other illnesses that can develop.

The Regional Environmental Health officer also mentioned that illnesses such as e-coli found in ground/minced beef, TSE Scrapie (transmissible spongiform encephalopothies from sheep and goat, trichinosis from pork, salmonella from poultry and BSE (bovine spongiform encephalitis).

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