Byron Messia vs. Teejay War Ended?

Monday, October 9, 2023, 2:08 PM

The musical war between Byron Messia and Teejay seems to have prematurely ended, as both entertainers have not taken shots at each other in the past four days. The ball was, however, in Byron’s court since Teejay was the last one to send shots when he hopped on Instagram last week to troll the Talibans hitmaker after releasing his second diss song of the war titled UNWANTED.



Teejay’s last diss included him laughing at Byron’s counteraction song, Collision, to his diss song, Warning. Teejay indicated that the track did not pack enough punch to do any damage and advised his rival, whom he referred to as “piggy,” to create a better diss song. He also called Byron “badmind” and “corrupt.”

Despite the trolling, Byron has gone silent about the situation, which is not so surprising considering the fact that he had said he would not be arguing with Teejay anymore. The young deejay made the statement in his Instagram Stories, telling everyone, “mi done chat.”

This was not the first time Byron said he would not argue with Teejay. The deejay initially said he would not war with him, which was shortly before he dropped the diss track. Now, Byron’s page is drama-free as he carries on as if the feud never happened.


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