Teejay and Byron Accused of Hyping Over Hit Songs They Both Stole

Thursday, October 5, 2023, 8:35 AM

The lyrical battle between dancehall artiste Teejay and Talibans hitmaker Byron Messia has been stirring a lot of conversations, including allegations of the two stealing music from other deejays.

The claims have been circulating, with internet users saying that Teejay’s Dift was taken from Roze Don’s First Night and Byron’s Taliban was snatched from Jeff Fullyauto’s Big Guns.



What is ironic, according to the public, is that both deejays, who have been garnering worldwide attention and praise for their allegedly stolen songs, are now feuding.

The song-stealing allegations were highlighted during an episode of the Lets Be Honest podcast, in which JaiiFrais asked his guest, Walk and Talk, “You know the funny thing about the two of them?” Di two a dem big chune, people seh a thief dem thief it cause dem a seh Byron teef it from Jeff Fullyauto, the song weh name Big Guns and dem a seh Teejay teef from Roze Don.”

The two had a laugh about an old saying that indicated that one thief did not like it when another thief had more than him/her.

Watch the video of JaiiFrais talking about the allegations below:


It is noteworthy that Drift and Talibans are similar to the songs that they are said to be stolen from, sharing a similar style and flow.

Listen to Jeff Fullyauto’s Big Guns below:

Jeff Fullyauto first dropped the audio of Big Guns on February 12, 2021, and Byron released Talibans on January 20, 2023.

Listen to Byron’s Talibans below:


On the other hand, Teejay released the audio of his summer hit Drift on April 21, 2023, which was more than three months after Roze Don dropped First Night.

Listen to Roze Don’s First Night below:

Listen to Teejay’s Drift below:


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