Calls For Ivany To Be Reprimanded After Video Circulates Showing Her Performing Sexual Suggestive Acts On A Dog

Social media personality, Ivany Wright has caught the attention of the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) for a video circulating showing her behaving sexually inappropriate with a dog.

Recently, Ivany shared a video on her Instagram page, in which she is wearing lingerie and is performing sexually suggestive acts on a male Shih-Tzu. The canine was restricted on its back, legs tied and spread wide open while she jumped, split, and straddled the animal.


Pamela Lawson, Managing Director at the (JSPCA) publicly expressed her disgust with her behaviour and disclosed that the recent video of Ivany behaving inappropriately with an animal was not the first. She indicated that about a month ago, a similar video was shared with the young woman behaving more repulsively.

Moreover, Lawson noted that the JSPCA has been monitoring Ivany since the first incident and this newly shared video shows a repeated trend which calls for more stringent penalties to be imposed for persons who abuse animals. She went on to describe the laws that are in place to protect animals as being “pathetic, weak, and antiquated” and requests that Ivany’s Instagram account be shut down.

Additionally, Tammy Browne, Managing Director of the Montego Bay Animal Haven has also expressed disapproval of the acts by the social media personality and described them as being “disgusting and cruel”. She is urging that the police intervene on the matter as well as to remove the dog from Ivany’s care.

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