Canada Granted License to Import Ganja in Jamaica Angering Local Ganja Farmers

February 28, 2023

In the land of wood and water, some might say the land of the best marijuana also, despite that there are plans afoot to import marijuana from Canada as the North American country has been granted a licence to do just that, leaving local ganja farmers up in arms over the decision as they are not able to export the miracle plant into Canada.  

The President of the Jamaica Cannabis Licensed Association, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, labelled the announcement as scandalous and also told ganja growers to holster their weapons and keep their powder dry in a WhatsApp message, noting that the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) was aware of the controversy created by the latest development.


“I have had a meeting with the Chairman of the CLA he recognises the angst in the industry, it is anticipated a full review will be done,” Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin told members of the local farming community. CLA was established in 2015 with the specific role of establishing and regulating Jamaica’s legal cannabis and hemp industries. There are approximately 60 members in the WhatsApp group from all over Jamaica.

Hardley Lewin continued his angered response to the latest development by stating that he learnt and later confirmed that the CLA Board has, in fact, approved the importation of cannabis into Jamaica from the North American country. The country obtained the necessary permits after applying for an importation license, Lewin stated. “I will not fault the licensee, but I find it disturbing and indeed scandalous that we could allow imports from a state to which we cannot export,” the Rear Admiral said.

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The Jamaican Dangerous Drugs Act requires those seeking to import cannabis into Jamaica to obtain an importation license from the CLA. A cultivation licence, a processing licence, a retail licence, or a research and development license is required to obtain an importation license.


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