Candy and Randy Split!

Social media personality Candy Wow and her boyfriend, Randy, seemingly have separated after announcing their engagement just over two months ago. It was revealed that the two are experiencing problems in their relationship after Randy went live and argued about his fiancée’s unpleasant behaviour while outlining that he has had enough.

A clip of his live stream shows him emphasising that he is cutting ties with her by saying, “Mi done wid Candy.” While speaking to an unseen individual, Randy expressed his desire for Candy to move out of the residence they apparently shared.


“Just mek she come tek out di whole a har bombocla**t things dem out yah so fi mi nuh man,” he adds.
The cause of the couple’s troubles remains unclear, but it seems as if this is not the first time their relationship has taken a major hit.

Randy Says He is Done With Candy Just mek she come tek out di whole a har bomboclat things dem out yah Watch Video

Later in the video, Randy mentions that he had previously contemplated ending the relationship, but after some self-reflection, he chose to stay. Notably, he also mentions that Candy was disrespecting him during another livestream.

Watch the video of Randy below:

The clip was shared on Instagram by Mouta Massi on Sunday and has since garnered mixed responses, as some viewers say that he is seeking attention or fame and others speculate that the pair were never in a romantic relationship.

One viewer said, “They was not together is all for the clout the 2 a them kno what they doing.”

Another viewer said, “Him get di hype n fame now.”

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Also on Sunday, Candy shared a video on her Instagram account, confirming the split, highlighting that she’s done with ‘Rugrat’. In the vide, she was asked if she “left di bwoy already?” She replied saying, “Yeah,” a male in the video shoot his shot at Candy, however, that was the time she outline that she cant bother with young men.

Check out below:

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