Candy Says Relationship with Randy was Fake and They Never Slept Together – Watch Video

Monday, May 20, 2024, 4:44 PM

Following months of fan speculation that her relationship with her former reported fiancée Randy was all a hoax, social media personality Candy Wow has revealed that they were never really together.

Despite her previous declarations that they were in love, in a live stream clip currently circulating online, Candy admitted to never being in a relationship with Randy. In the video, Candy appears to be speaking about a previous relationship she was in, during which she said she experienced domestic violence.


While it is unclear if the man she is talking about is Randy, Candy said that he hit her. “Yuh tumb mi inna mi ears. Def mi ears. Expect mi fi deh wid yuh back, guys. Eh, eh, too much. it done,” Candy stated.

Candy and Randy

The internet personality went on to state that she was only with Randy for three months and that she began living with him the month they announced their engagement. In addition to accusing Randy of trying to use her, Candy also shared that they never slept together.

“Mi nuh know how randy c**ky stay. Randy nuh know how my p**sy stay [ … ] Mi have mi man. Mi move on wid mi life,” Candy said.

Candy announced that she was engaged to Randy ‘Road Code’ Coombs in February. Initially, Candy expressed her desire to exchange vows with Randy sooner rather than later.  However, the pair later called it quits in April, with each accusing the other of being the cause of their relationship woes.

Many had speculated that their relationship was staged for social media.

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