Candy Wow Says 450 Got Her Pregnant and Told Her to Get Rid of the Baby

The news that Candy Wow is pregnant has been running rampant over different social media platforms, and allegedly, up-and-coming Dancehall artiste 450 is the father.

Based on Candy Wow’s posts on social media, including a positive pregnancy test which she tagged 450 in, and a few screenshots, Candy stated that she was pregnant, outed 450 as the father, and also mentioned that he was trying to get her to terminate the pregnancy.

Taking to her Instagram account, which she later changed to private, Candy said that 450’s friends were dissing her for asking him to step up and “do the right thing,”. Voicing that she would leave Instagram for YouTube, Candy issued a warning that she was only giving 450 one day to respond.

One post stated, “Stop send your friends to Me . be a man and do the right thing one day am giving you wow 😭😭😭,” while another read, “Him a fi take this baby 😫😫😫 and mi na dash it weh 😫.”

See the screenshots below:

In another Instagram story, Candy noted, “Weh so much man a do a mi mother yaad lucky wow nuh deh deh people if anything happens to my wow mother,” indicating that people were sent to her mother’s place to look for her but she was not there, and that she is worried something might happen to her mother.

Screenshots of an alleged conversation between Candy and 450 were also posted to Instagram where someone (male) was telling the other person (female), “mi ago give you 35,000 fi wash it out,” to which the reply was, “No no I never dat yet I afraid for my life. Mi na dash it weh.” One party continued to try and persuade the other to get rid of the child and not to tarnish their career, while the other was adamant about not doing so.

See the screenshots below:

Views on the issue were divided, however a lot of people were sceptical about the situation, claiming that it might be a publicity stunt for an upcoming music video, and many were also concerned about the validity of the screenshots themselves.

After noting that the screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation was irregular, someone said, “the messages are mixed up the 1st screenshot he was offering the 35k which was in the green bubble and it the nxt screenshot “just take the money n do it” is in the white bubble…”

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