“Can’t Please Jamaicans” Asafa Powell Criticizes JA Supporters – Oral Tracey Responds – Watch Video

In a video posted recently on his Youtube channel, Olympian Asafa Powell shared his views on the outcome of the recent World Championships held in Oregon. Sports commentator Oral Tracey has since responded to the athlete’s criticism of Jamaican spectators/supporters in a video of his own.

In the video entitled “Can’t Please Jamaicans !! They see the glory but don’t know the story” the two-time World Championships gold medalist said that watching from the sidelines was different than being on the track, and spoke about the members of the public who thought that athletes who may not be performing at their best should retire. Powell explained that the athletes were not working for Jamaica but themselves because “Jamaica don’t pay people” and they all had to come home to bills. Powell still addressing the calls for retirement said: “Retire fi wah, why? Is a job, a we job…why should we retire for you, who are you?”


Oral Tracey appeared to not take too kindly to Powell’s comments and responded to the athlete on Tuesday. Tracey asked what was wrong with Asafa and said that he seemed to be expressing the viewpoint of other athletes who felt that they did not deserve to be criticized simply because they were running for Jamaica.

Tracey said that the athletes chose to represent Jamaica and asked what was so wrong with Jamaicans speaking about their representatives. According to Tracey, Powell seemed to be taking the criticism personally as he had faced his own during his time on the track. Tracey then shared that he has faced criticism but expressed that it was all part of the game. The commentator also suggested that perhaps Powell should have chosen another career if he did not want the criticism.

Watch full videos by Powell and Tracey below.

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