Capleton Lashes Out at “Immoral’ Young Artistes in Modern Dancehall; Veterans Get No Respect – Watch Interview

Reggae and Dancehall luminary Capleton ignited a fiery discussion within the music community by openly discussing the current direction of dancehall music.

In an exclusive interview with Anthony Miller on TVJ’s Entertainment Report, Capleton didn’t mince words when addressing his concerns about the music produced by the younger generation.


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Miller, the seasoned interviewer, asked Capleton whether the music created by today’s emerging artistes could still be considered dancehall. “They are not doing dancehall; they call it trap,” he asserted. In his view, the true essence of dancehall music lies in the sounds of the 90s, a period he holds dear as the embodiment of the genre.

However, Capleton also emphasised that he is not closed off from exploring different genres. He stated that he would listen to any style of music as long as the message conveyed was positive and the beat resonated with him. For him, it’s all about promoting the right kind of music.

One of Capleton’s core criticisms centres on the moral content of today’s music. He believes music should uplift, hold meaning, or contribute positively to society. He expressed frustration with people promoting what he perceives as ‘crap and rubbish,’ protesting that it overshadows the real value that artistes can offer.


Furthermore, Capleton pointed out a disturbing trend among the younger artistes – their lack of respect for the veterans who paved the way for them. He argued that these newcomers fail to acknowledge their contributions and often act as if they sprang into existence without emulating any role models.

He reminded them that no artiste is indispensable or indestructible, stressing the importance of humility and respect for their musical predecessors.

Capleton acknowledged that artistes from his era were not immune to mistakes, including promoting gun violence and other negative themes. However, he argued that immorality was not as “deep” back then and has since become over-saturated, raising concerns about its normalisation.

The “King of Fire” admitted to singing music that promoted immoral topics in the past and realised he had to leave it behind. He also stated that he did it to gain an opportunity to make his name and showcase what he could do.

Despite his past mistakes, he remained steadfast in his belief that music should impact society positively, challenging the younger generation to reflect on the direction they are taking.

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The video shared on Television Jamaica’s YouTube channel, prompted a flurry of reactions from viewers.

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