Cardi B deletes her Twitter because of this…

In an Instagram Live update on Saturday (October 17), The rapper said she left the social media platform this weekend because she was upset by tweets from her followers who criticized her reuniting with Offset.

A group of 15-year-olds told me how I should live my life as a mother, what the hell is this? just like I came from Disney. I’m so tired that I have to always explain myself to all of you. I did not put my divorce there; the clerk put it there. Because people are raising rumors that Offset got another girl pregnant,’ I have to answer that and that. Cardi later complained about the comments made by her fans about Offset.


Cardi also mentioned that she had recently smoked a cigarette and that she did not smoke because of her relationship with Offset. I was bored and drank on my birthday, she said. Cardi said Offset was not the only damn problem I was dealing with. You guys want to disturb me. Brother, if I work, why are you going to be like this?   she said.

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Cardi B Praises Rvssian For Work Done With Shenseea

To be honest with you, marriage is one of the things that worries me the least. I love my fans, and I’m grateful and thankful for everything you do, but some of you really treat me like I’m sleeping with you, she said.

The rapper’s Instagram account is still active since Sunday night (October 18).

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