Cardi B DEMANDS That Security Let Black Women Into Miami Club “LET DEM IN” She Chants

American celebrity Cardi B recently visited a club in Miami and while entering the club she was greeted by a group of black women who claimed that they were not being allowed to enter the club. “Hey Cardi they not even letting the sisters in tonight,” says one of the females, another stated that they are only letting in “white girls”, Cardi continued to listen to the pleas for a moment before demanding the security to let them in, “Y’all betta let some black women in here… let the black women in here”, “let them in” she outlined.

The security replied stating that, “we let dem in” the group of women replied stating that the security was lying. Cardi continued to request and demand that the coloured females be allowed to enter the Miami club.


Check out the eye-opening thought-provoking scenario below.

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