Cardi B to Appear in Fast & Furious 9

According to Vin Diesel, Cardi B will star in the upcoming Fast and Furious movie, which will be the 10th one in the series.

The star who has been a part of the action-thriller for a long time, broke the news when he posted a video on Instagram with Cardi B who was dressed in tactical gear with Diesel, he wore an open leather Jacket and they were both fighting to stay awake.


“We all gave everything we could for this movie, day 86 here on the set of Fast 9” he said. Cardi B agreed as if she was also exhausted.

She also said she believes this movie will be the best one in the series even though she was tired. “I need to take a nappy nap, I’m ready to take a nappy nap”, the rapper said. She stared alongside Jenifer Lopez and Constance Wu in the movie called “Hustlers”, this year when she made her big-screen debut.

The new Fast and Furious Movie will be released in 2020. The Rock also squashed his beef with Vin Diesel. and he will also appear in Fast and Furious as well.


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