Carrie Russell wins GOLD in Bobsleigh World Series

January 19, 2021

Female Jamaican Bobsleigh competitor Carrie Russell, Is celebrating a win in the Women’s Monobob World series that she accomplished on Sunday in Park City, Utah after she finished with a combined time of 1:49:08 minutes.

Russell says she is eagerly looking onwards to the rest of the series, where she plans to continue improving her time and continue the winning streak.


On Saturday she finished second, however, was not satisfied with the performance and proceeded to change her approach by strategising with her coach and teammates.

According to what Russell told the Observer, she planned to start strong eventually compelling the others in the race to chase her, which she did successfully to achieve her win.

The former track and field athlete who transitioned to Bobsleigh in 2016, even got experienced commendations as Pat Brown, who has been working with the Jamaican Federation for the sport since 1987, said Carrie “was a pleasure to work with”.

Currently, the Ice sport athlete says, she will be sticking to the game plan as her starting is immaculate, and it is something that she will certainly ” capitalize” on.

In 2016 when she transitioned she was only a brake woman, however, she upgraded her duties to a driver and began to do so in the year 2018 and at this point, Russell is looking to be nothing less than legendary in the sport.

Check her out collecting her medal below.


See her interview.



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