Caucasian Woman Goes Off on Her Ex “Scamma” Jamaican Boyfriend – Watch Video

December 1, 2023 10:38 AM

A Caucasian woman went off on social media to detail the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her “scamma” Jamaican ex-boyfriend. She also sent a stern warning telling him to stop asking her friends and family for money.

In the video, the woman expressed that she and the 35-year-old Jamaican had been together for a little over a year, but during that time, she was robbed, beaten, and had her social media profiles hacked by him. “Mother f*cker you’ve robbed me, you’ve beat me. Yuh hacked my Facebook and my IG, now yuh asking my family and friends for money?”


Transitioning between English and Patois, the woman expressed that she had been faithful to him, but had marks on her body to prove the abuse. She also labelled him as a “wasteman,” and a “wasteless use of bombo r**sclaat skin,” while disclosing that she was warned by the police that he was a scammer.

“Yah waste man, that’s what you is. To put marks on me like the way you have. To pull a knife on me not once but twice in 5 minutes cause I left the yard. Get a f*cking life you scamming f*ck, even the police officer told me u been a scammer all yuh bomboclaat life.”

She ended the video again warning the Jamaican to leave her and her family alone, as they will not offer him any help.

Watch the video below:

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