Vershon Talks Popcaan Split, Scamming Allegations, Migrating to the US and Investing In His Career – Watch Interview

Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 9:01 AM GMT-5

Dancehall hitmaker Vershon, who has been less visible on the local dancehall scene in recent years since his big break in music as he currently lives in America, reveals his reasons for his migration, as well as addressing other controversial topics surrounding his name.


Vershon says he is currently a citizen of the United States. According to Vershon, what led him on his journey to America was his need to take a break from the hardship of the music industry to chill out, reason with himself, and build back his energy.

The Use To Hungry singer continued his interview on the Let’s Be Honest podcast by addressing scamming allegations made against him following his arrest when he resided in Jamaica years ago. Vershon refuted those rumours and disclosed he was arrested for a traffic offence, but at the time, he did not see the need to clear the air about what caused his arrest.

Vershon was then asked about his once cordial relationship with dancehall artiste Popcaan. He started his explanation by giving Popcaan credit for his journey and success in music, then went on to describe what caused their split. 


“Hear the problem with Popcaan now, he is a youth weh waa fi deh up yah so and everybody else fi deh dung yah so, and me is a youth weh nuh really believe in a that, if we a flick we a flick, weh me want fi myself me want the same thing fi you,” Vershon disclosed.

The entertainer made it clear that he was not trying to disrespect or tear down Popcaan, and he respected everything they talked about, as well as their time together, in his explanation.

Vershon also offered some advice to his fellow artistes, both established and upcoming, by imploring them to invest in their careers, which is what he is presently doing, whether it be musically or in other fields of business.

See the video below:


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