WATCH: Vershon Tells “Di Truth” About His Journey in New Music Video

Dancehall artiste Vershon dropped a song and music video telling “Di Truth” about his journey from a youngster growing up in a poor household. Vershon, born Kemar Vershawn Brown, has been in the entertainment industry for some time, dropping hits like Inna Real Life and Mercy A God. 

The Kingston native went in depth about the hardships he faced growing up in a single-parent home in his new music video, Di Truth. The story-telling song about his background details how he followed friends down a destructive path, how his mother struggled to guide him in the right direction, and how music saved him.

Some lyrics, “Mi wull pan faith and neva lose focus, been through the worst, still a hold up, the journey is so rough,” he sings in the chorus.

The music video depicts a community where kids are playing on the road, Vershon singing outside a small, wooden home, and a youth playing the role of him at a younger age with a woman depicted as his mother. The visuals show the youngster pursuing a gangster lifestyle with friends and his mother turning to the police for help. The video frequently switches from the singer and his crew to the youngster.

The music video, released some hours ago, has garnered over 5.3K views and 1K likes, with the song receiving compliments from viewers who describe it as “lovely,” “conscious,” and a “sure hit.”

Di Truth is now available on all music streaming platforms, check it out on Spotify:

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Watch the music video below:

“Di Truth” was produced by 1Family Records, Real Live Records, DJ Treasure Music, Clev Dan Music & DJ Rumblood Recordz.

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