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Vershon Uses the Current Pandemic to his Advantage

Vershon is trying to get rid of the quarantine waistline, doing exercises so he can be ready to look good for the ladies. His song “Outside” is doing good now, with over 2.5 million views on YouTube. He is currently working on Mp3s as he tries to build up a momentum before he puts out an album, he doesn’t want his music to fall on deaf ears. During the pandemic he has more time to spend with family and work on music and puts them out. Even though there are people who says he bought views, he says it is not so. He is simply putting out music and gearing up for the reopening of the stage shows so he can start performing again.

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Vershon Met in Serious Car Crash

Dancehall star Vershon is now counting his blessings after being involved in a serious car accident in the USA. Details are sketchy with regards to the cause of the accident however Vershon is currently in hospital recovering. Reports state the deejay was unconscious and sffered from internal bleeding following the accident. Vershon broke the news via his social media page on Sunday, he stated “One more day man up again 🙇🏼‍♂️ today mi nuh kno weh mi up against “, he also posted the images below showing the aftermath of the crash. Vershon laying on the road after the vehicle he was travelling in crashed. Fellow dancehall artistes Delly Ranx , Jahazeil myrie etc have been wishing Vershon a speedy recovery.

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Vershon’s Claims That He Was Denied Entry- Being Refuted by Bermuda

Vershon’s Concert that was scheduled to be held in Bermuda was cancelled and it is alleged that he was denied entry into the country last week. However, the Government of Bermuda refuted the claims, that the artiste was denied entry into the country as a tourist, even though his concert was cancelled. The BDA Summer Music Festival at Snorkel Park in Dockyard was cancelled, and the work permit was rendered invalid at the last minute and these allegations were made by the “Inna Real Life” DJ’s management team. Vershon was turned away from the LF Wade International Airport. The artiste is a brand ambassador for Reggae/ Dancehall music had a the necessary documents and no one knows why the Government allegedly denied his entry into their country, even though they have the right to do that. “Even his right to enter the island as a tourist was denied”, said his …

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