Vershon Previews Popcaan Diss Song? – LISTEN

Sunday, June 9, 2024, 11:35 AM

Dancehall artiste Vershon has previewed a diss track that appears to be targeting fellow deejay Popcaan, whom he has candidly called selfish online.

In the song, Vershon states that some people will take your life and play the victim. He adds, “Tek a look at RPT di dolls real frenz…Mi see di narrative, but mi a keep mi head up, nuh matta wah di f**ka dem have, dem still jealous.”


Vershon also mentions Dancehall artiste Alkaline, saying, “Call mi name to woman; pillow talk, dem couldn’t shut up. Frighten fi p**sy memba detta did tell yuh.”

The song was shared on Instagram with a caption highlighting a line from the song, “Tek a look at RPT di dolls r real frenz! Yu get it? Don’t mek it pass ova!!! Listen 🎧 again! #PillowTalk #Vershon #InaRealLife,” he wrote.

This line seemingly states that social media influencers Rebel, TC, and Pretty Pretty are real friends.

Listen to Vershon’s song preview below:

The teased track, which was shared on June 8, comes on the heels of Vershon arguing back and forth with Ce’cile online about badmind and corruption in Dancehall, the argument was centred around the Unruly deejay.

Popcaan has not yet responded to the comments Vershon made, but his former associate Quada has shown that he agrees with Vershon.

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