Vershon Talks on Popcaan’s “Selfish Behaviour”, Prettii Don Serving “No Purpose” and Ding Dong ‘Zip It Up’ Controversy – Watch Interview

Sunday, May 26, 2024, 9:07 PM

Dancehall artiste Vershon had a lot to say in his most recent interview, the Cockburn Pen, Waltham Park, Kingston native answered questions across several topics and subjects relating to many Dancehall artistes and entertainers such as Popcaan, Ding Dong, Prettii Don, Jahmiel, MR. G and more.

At the start of the interview which was done by Dancehall Hot Seat, Kemar Vershawn Brown who is more commonly known as Vershon talked about his latest song, ‘Zip It Up‘, and the inspiration behind it, however, further on in the interview the deejay talked on the notion that he was throwing shades at Ding Dong in a recent live.


Notably Ding Dong recently released a song titled ‘Old Skool New Skool‘ which features Ding Dong singing “Zip it up” repeatedly at the start of the chorus. In response to the similarity of the songs, Vershon outlines that he has been promoting his song since January, before the release of Ding Dong’s song.

Without calling names, Vershon who is 33 years old expressed that he does not have a personal problem with the artiste who has the similar song, but it’s a case where he feels his “idea” was copied and not the other way around “some people mek it come like a me a follow, mi nuh follow bro,” he declared.

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The name Prettii Don was also mentioned in the interview, after initially hesitating to acknowledge Prettii Don during the Interview, he expressed that the outspoken Youtuber does not have a “reason” nor “purpose” on earth, “Mi neven know weh fi call that or it or mi nuh know… mi nuh si the purpose of a Prettii Don… mi nuh si the reason,” says Vershon.


After touching on several other topics including Jahmiel, Mr. G, Birchill and more, the ‘Mercy a God’ artiste spoke his mind with regards to his not-so-close connection again with Popcaan. Vershon outlined that he and Popcaan did not have a personal fallout, however, endeavours were being carried out by the ‘Unruly Boss’ that he did not like.

According to Vershon, he is not one to look down on his friends and when he sees others doing so, he keeps his distance, “Yuh cah prove pan yo team memba bro because all a us did have the same dream,” he stated.

Vershon also said Popcaan sent him a comical voicenote after his previous statement about the St. Thomas artiste. According to Verhson, Popcaan said “yo Vershon go suck yo madda” in the voice note.

However, Vershon made a note that Pocaan said it in a playful manner hence he’s not taking it too seriously. Vershon also disclosed that Popcan told him that he’s only repeating Vybz Kartel’s actions, “Vershon yuh think Kartel use to ramp wid wi?”

Concluding the interview, Vershon outlined that he hopes that none of the names mentioned takes the interview personal, “mi nuh wah nuh body watch the show and get inna dem feelings… after all that said and done a still love and love alone.”

Watch the full interview below:

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