Vershon Takes Aim at “Big Head Gyal” Ce’cile

Thursday, June 6, 2024, 9:46 AM

Dancehall artiste Vershon whose birth name is Adrian Brown took aim at Ce’cile on Wednesday for suggesting that he is ungrateful to Popcaan for his contributions to his career.

Sharing a clip from Popcaan’s 2016 Reggae Sumfest performance, during which he gave Vershon an opportunity to perform, Cecile encouraged artistes to only promote other artistes who they have signed. 


During an interview in May 2024 on Dancehall hot seat, Vershon described Popcaan as a selfish artiste who prefers to keep others below his level. The deejay has maintained his point of view, which appears to have prompted a post by Ce’cile on her Instagram page yesterday.

Noting the contributions of Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, the Hot Like We singer said they never should have done it unless the artistes were signed to them. Cecile also expressed that the majority of these unsigned entertainers eventually became ungrateful and continuously required more.

“In the long run most of them turn round and say you NEVER DID ANYTHING FOR THEM. And say you badmind dem!!! And how u selfish! Because they will always want YOU TO DO SOMETHING MORE!! And the more successful you become a di more them expect u fi drag dem like handbag bakka u,” Cecile wrote.

Vershon later took to his Instagram page to challenge Ce’cile’s statements. The deejay shared a clip from an interview during which he expressed appreciation for Popcaan including him in his Sumfest performance.

Vershon questioned why Ce’cile had chosen to highlight him in her post when he has never demanded anything from Popcaan and the artiste has called up other younger performers.

Highlighting that his hit single, Inna Real Life, was released in 2015 and the Sumfest performance in 2016, Vershon further noted that he was already an established artiste.

The deejay also rubbished any suggestion that he referred to Popcaan as “badmind.”

“Mi seh di dog selfish but u did hear mi seh him badmind? Mi sure seh pon every interview mi show mi appreciation even if it was the smallest [ … ] Big head gyal yu nuh realize seh badmind\selfishness deh ina yu post? Yu ah encourage established artist nuh fi call up younger artist on stage like seh dat nuh always been we culture regardless of signing or not!” Vershon stated.

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He went on to question where Popcaan would be if Bounty had chosen not to highlight his mentor, Vybz Kartel, without signing him. Vershon also questioned what Popcaan has done for the artistes he has worked with, like Quada, and instructed Cecile to keep her mouth shut.

“Sometimes it better unu stay shut up if unu nah have nothing weh mek sense fi seh…. Yu forget seh yah artist? How much years yu deh unruly and nav a callob? Sit down 🪑 and be quiet 🤐,” Vershon wrote.

KingMixUp also shared the story with a controversial caption.

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