Vershon Shares Voicenote of Popcaan Telling him to “Guh S*ck yo Madda” While laughing

Saturday, October 28, 2023, 11:41 AM

It seems that dancehall artistes Vershon and Popcaan are on speaking terms but whether are not they are feuding is still up for questioning. There were concerns about the two having a feud following remarks from Vershon regarding his reason for leaving Popcaan’s Unruly Team.



According to the Use To Hungry artiste, he departed from the Unruly Boss’ team because Popcaan selfishly only wanted to be at the top, preventing members of his team from being successful in the dancehall industry.

While sharing this information, he credited Popcaan for his hard work and his accomplishments.

However, the 876Gud deejay reacted by throwing shots and referring to his haters as “parasites,” which then led Vershon to highlight the difference between being unruly and bad plus a song about fake friends.

Nevertheless, the tit-for-tat is seemingly continuing, with Vershon revealing that they spoke recently and Popcaans’s latest message towards him. The revelation was made on his Instagram Story, where he shared a voice message from Popcaan.

The message consisted of Popcaan, barely containing his amusement, telling Vershon to s**k his mother and erupting in a fit of laughter afterwards. The post accompanied a message from Verson in which he said, “2Facetime 1missed call and a the best dis yu could a fawud wid! dog yah idlers! Heart ah love sed way!”


While some fans are speculating that it’s all a joke, others are pointing out that it would be a serious joke from Popcaan that many people would not take lightly.

Listen to Popcaan’s message below:


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