Vershon Addresses Popcaan, “Yu can unruly an nuh bad, Bad an nuh unruly,” Plus Drops New Song “Status”

Friday, October 20, 2023, 6:55 PM GMT-5

Following Popcaan’s recent social media declaration that he needed to rid himself of parasites, dancehall artiste Vershon has seemingly addressed the deejay in his latest single, Status, which was produced by Real Live Records, DJ Treasure Music, Dj Rumblood, Clevdan Music & 1Family Records.

Though never a formal member of Popcaan’s Unruly music camp, Vershon was one of several artistes who honed their skills while working with the artiste, or at least attempted to. Over the years, a number of Unruly members have cut ties with the St. Thomas native, and during a recent interview on the Let’s Be Honest podcast, Vershon discussed his exit from the Unruly team.

While he did not wish to disrespect Popcaan, Vershon uttered similar sentiments of past Unruly members and suggested that Popcaan was selfish and attempted to prevent their rise in the industry. According to Vershon, he was giving Popcaan his flowers but it seems as if Popcaan thought it was a direct diss. After the interview, Popcaan took to the river and his Instagram for a much-needed cleansing to wash away the “parasites” that were calling up his name.

Vershon has since released his new track, Status, which sees the Inna Real Life artiste addressing his haters and fake friends, warning them to stop bringing him up on social media. Similar to his interview, the deejay highlights the greediness of people who wish to see the downfall of others and exploit them.

“Before dem eva gi yuh strength dem rada stop it enuh. If u eva buk yuh toe and chip up yuh kneecup, si dem a post up and a wish yuh di most luck, and ina dem heart dem a seh a long time dat fi reach yuh,” Vershon sings on the track.

Listen to “Status” song below.

After releasing the new song Verhson took to social media Friday night to directly address Popcaan with regards to the latest happenings. he outlined, “Yu can unruly an nuh bad, Bad an nuh unruly.”

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