Cayman Islands Residents Accused Of Enslaving Jamaican Child

Two residents of the Cayman Islands have now been charged with stealing and cruelty to a Jamaican boy after the youngster ran away from home and reported his situation to the police. According to the report, the child’s parent was manipulated through enticements from the individuals from the small neighbouring island.

The suspects were identified as 59-year-old Lurline Viola Henry Smith and her son 42-year-old Anthony Ricardo Jackson, both from East End, in Cayman. It is said that Henry Smith, got permission from the child’s family to bring the 12-year-old home with them as they thought the youngster would be going into a better life, however, the ugly truth of the situation eventually popped up.


While at the home of the Cayman residents, the child who escaped after a time told the authorities that he was locked in the house, having to do domestic chores as well as never being sent to school.

The case is now very serious and the accused persons have been even reported to have abused the child, which points to them as being people involved in Child Trafficking. The arrests of the two persons took place back in April 2019, however, they were charged a month ago in May.

The two, Henry Smith and her son will need to answer to the judge on Friday, at their second hearing after completing their first this week.

The boy has since been returned to his family in Jamaica.


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