CEO Thinks Jamaica Should Consider Adopting a 4-Day Work Week

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 1:15 PM GMT-5

CEO Joseph Boll expressed that he thinks that Jamaica as a whole would benefit from implementing a 4-day work week in businesses that are able to do so.

According to Boll, though any new idea comes with worries, Britain has seen many positive results after switching over to a 4-day work week for employees. “Some British businesses were also hesitant to try something new, but instead found there were benefits for employers and employees alike. Workers were happier and more productive, which meant upper management was happy too,” he stated.


The CEO says that as Jamaica is already seen to be struggling with labour productivity, “this could be an unexpected way to turn the tide.”

CAPRI (the Caribbean Policy Research Institute), highlighted Jamaica’s problems with labour productivity earlier in the year and suggested that private and public sector businesses think of a way to come up with a more flexible work schedule. It was also suggested that Caribbean businesses as a whole could benefit from introducing more remote work options for their employees.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm among Jamaican businesses to practise a more modern take on working methods, Boll thinks working from home should at least be considered instead of “just the standard 9-5 physical desk job,” if the 4-day work week is out of the question.

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Joseph Boll is the CEO of Caribbean Employment Services Inc, and it is a leading model for digital talent acquisition. Its role entails providing regional jobseekers and working employees with news and resources related to Caribbean labour, as well as connecting talented people from the Caribbean to recruiters, HR personnel, and decision-makers in companies both locally (in the Caribbean) and abroad.

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