Chaka Demus and Pliers Talks On “Murder She Wrote” Arguably The Biggest Dancehall Song in History – Watch Interview

In celebration of the 31st anniversary since the release of Murder She Wrote, legendary Jamaican musicians Chaka Demus and Pliers explained the true meaning behind their massive hit song, which is regarded as one of the most sampled songs from out of Jamaica.

Murder She Wrote is the most sampled song come out of Jamaica without a doubt check the stats,” Chaka Demus outlined in a recent interview.

The reggae duo was interviewed by CVM TV on the Sunrise morning program when the female interviewer asked them how the song came about. Chaka Demus from the dynamic pair explained the surprising creative process behind their immortal global hit.

“Memba seh. Pliers voice fi him song inna 1987 with the Murder She Wrote 87, I do my vocals for Bobby Digital in 1989, so when I link up with Pliers and carry Pliers to Sly Dunbar, I say to Mr Pliers you know seh we can do back this song inna combination, its two separate songs enuh, I do a song name Pretty Face, and Pliers do Murder She Wrote.”

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Chaka Demus also explained the lyrics and concept behind the song, “Pliers have a girl inna fi him area name Maxine she say she pregnant fi him and all nine-month him caa see the baby, so murder she wrote, so me have a girl inna my area very pretty, but her character dirty so me write my lyrics and we put the two song together, and it becomes one,” Chaka revealed in the interview.

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See the full interview below:

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