Charges Against Financial Controller at Rick’s Café DROPPED

Wednesday, August 11, 2021, 10:27 AM

The charges against Conroy Barrett, the Financial Controller at Rick’s Café, were dropped when he appeared in Court in Savanna-la-mar. He was represented by Peter Champagnie QC. 

Barrett was charged with failure to have a Spirit and Amusement license for Ricks Café when an illegal party was held at the venue earlier this year.


The lawyer argued that a financial controller was not in charge of the runnings of the venue and would not be responsible for the acquiring of the licenses.

Thomas Martin, the manager of Rick’s Café is scheduled to return to court in Savanna-la-mar on September 10. He was also charged with breaches of the disaster risk management act (DRMA). 

The attorney believes more should be done by the police, to target the parties that are taking place in the western parishes at other venues. He believes the increase in the number of persons who were in need of hospitalization because they are infected with COVID-19, would not be as high, if so many illegal parties were not held.

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