Chef Kush Tafari Explains How Genetic Memory Influences His Vibrant and Health-Based Ital Cusines Plus Talks Rastafari Pioneering The Vegan Movement – Watch Interview

Kush Tafari, a trained chef by trade, outlined how genetic memory passed down through generations influences his Ital styled cuisines in a recent interview. Kush Tafari also credited the Rastafari way of life for the vegan trend currently taking over the world and creating health consciousness around consuming and preparing food.

The vibrant chef explained the food preparation genetics by stating, “My mother and other grandmothers wasn’t getting it through a book, so I must assume they were getting it through a genetic memory, and I attest part a that, my knowledge to a genetic memory as well. So genetic memory the elders, the grandparents that’s basically where I got the inspiration or the teaching of Ital cuisine.”

Despite the influence of Rastafari on Veganism, the chef says enough credit is not given to the Rastafari movement for pioneering Veganism. In his interview with I Never Knew Tv, Kush Tafari also explained the difference between Ital livity and Veganism.

“Vegan lifestyle doesn’t give credit to the Rastafari movement, and it is not healthy, it is not health base, the Rastafari livity is health base. To quickly add, both my wife and I both of us created the cuisine Ital food, and Dr Sebi’s alkaline biomineral African biomineral cell food is the same,” Kush Tafari explained.

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The chef continued his explanation by stating, “Dr Sebi African biomineral cell food is of something that […] was not tampered with by man something that was not created by man, Ital means natural.”

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See Kush Tafari Interview below:

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