Mutabaruka Says, “You Want to Plant Food to Send Away to Foreign Countries When Your People Dem is Starving” in Response to the Government Exportation Drive – Watch Interview

Cultural icon Mutabaruka is very disgruntled with the Jamaican government’s drive to encourage local farmers to export agricultural foods overseas. While speaking during an eye-opening interview, the dub poet admonished the ruling administration, stating, “Why you want to plant food to export, you supposed to export surplus.”

As Mutabaruka gave his usual mind-boggling opinions on the popular educational Youtube channel I Never Knew TV., the radio personality went on to state, “You can’t be planting food when the population is hungry and don’t have nuh nutrition inna a dem, you want to plant food to send away to foreign countries when your people dem is starving. We have to develop a system where you plant food to feed your country and the surplus you export.”

Mutabaruka also claimed that the argument and idea of solely planting food for exportation are ridiculous and even gave an example to substantiate his point. “Because this country want yam them a tell you fi plant more yam, because red stripe beer waa stop use certain things fi mek beer, them a tell we must start plant cassava, and yah plant cassava fi feed a market that is feeding foreigners. When we ago understand that?” Muta explained.

The Rastafarian elder then points to the environment and land we have available in the Caribbean, which is suitable for farming, as he asks the question of why Caribbean people are still enriching international food and pharmaceutical companies. 

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Watch the video below:

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