Mutabaruka Honours Jahshii at Rebel Salute 2023 – Watch Video

Dancehall icon Jahshii, who has left a noteworthy footprint on Jamaican music, gave a performance at Rebel Salute that warmed the hearts of the large crowd that was in attendance.

Born to the name Mluleki Tafari Clarke, Jashii gave a brief speech during his performance, explaining that he was not perfect, but he was no “weak fence.” This was in an attempt to motivate his fans to never give up.


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His performance seemed to have held on to the heart of radio show host Mutabaruka because he made his way to the stage and armed himself with a microphone to make it known that the artiste gave an awesome performance in the 20 to 30 minutes he was given to take the stage.

Mutabaruka expressed that he understood that the artiste gave a performance he was not used to, but that he did it exceptionally well. He then earnestly looked into Jahshii’s eyes and urged him not to leave his heart at the show because he could see that he was performing from his heart.

He told the artiste to take his message back to his community and pass it on to his friends so that they could then pass it on to someone else. Jahshii shook his head in agreement with what the radio show host had to say to him, and then they both vigorously hugged each other.

Throughout Mutabaruka’s speech, the audience cheered in agreement with his words of inspiration for the Fuss Nation artiste. 

Watch the performance video below:

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