Mutabaruka Declares “Men are Polygamus by Nature But Modern Women Won’t Accept Sharing her Man” – Watch Video

The thought-provoking dub poet\ radio presenter Mutabaruka has once again raised some serious questions, along with posing a blatant fact about men regarding biology, that threatens to shake up western society’s cultural practices as it relates to marriage and relationships.

The Rastafarian icon was recently interviewed by I Never Knew Tv, a popular information-driven Youtube platform, during which he said, “men are polygamous by nature, but modern women won’t accept sharing her man.” This statement is bound to cause some controversy, especially among females.


Mutabaruka, however, doubles down on his statement by saying, “polygamy is outlawed, a man caa have more than one wife them call it bigamy, who decide that, who decide that, we can safely say that man is by nature polygamous and when you don’t have a polygamous nature moving, you get deceit, you get lies and you get manipulated into situations that is not convenient or conducive to your thinking and thought.”

In summary, the cultural icon concluded that despite men’s polygamous nature, most women are not willing to accept that fact, and men will never stop hunting other females. According to Muta, because the mortality rate is skewed in favour of men, there are fewer men on earth than women.

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Mutabaruka also explained the cultural differences across different countries in relation to relationship practices, pointing to some African countries and some Middle Easter countries as good examples of how polygamous relationships are flourishing, claiming it can also work in western countries.

See the video below:

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