“Who you Pranking?” Crissy Carter Breaks Silence Amid Her Husband Cushane’s Cheating Scandal – Watch videos

Saturday, March 18, 2023, 6:10 PM

Following the revelation of her husband Cushane Carter’s infidelity, which he has since labelled a hoax, Crissy Carter has broken her silence and denounced Cushane as a cheater and a liar.

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During a recent live stream, Cushane’s alleged mistress, Shani, revealed multiple incriminating voice messages that the popular YouTube vlogger sent her. She alleged that Cushane took advantage of her, as she was struggling financially and had a history of depression. But following her video’s viral release on the internet, Shani and Cushane declared her previous statements a hoax.

In a subsequent live stream, the pair laughed off the incident, dubbing it the prank of the year. However, Crissy is not taking her husband’s professed prank as a laughing matter.

In her own live stream, Crissy expressed her shock that Cushane had the gall to cheat on her and then pretend it was a prank. According to Crissy, Cushane was spotted with Shani a week ago and is using her money to pay for his extramarital escapades. The makeup artist expressed that she has been consumed with embarrassment since Shani’s video and was too ashamed to even speak with her mother.

Crissy said her intuition has been warning her that something is wrong, and Cushane has been unable to face her and apologise since the incident. Crissy admitted that she had spoken disrespectfully to her husband in the past but said she had done nothing to deserve this.

“Me put this man before me self [ … ] You neva go do nutn. A me cook, clean, everyting a me do [ … ] Yuh don’t know how yuh cloths dem wash. Yuh don’t know how nothing is done, ” a clearly upset Crissy stated.

“Di only ting yuh do is get up an edit video and de pan yu phone.”

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Crissy added that Cushane embarrassed her publicly and seemingly believed she would back him up in public, though he has failed to apologise. Crissy did not provide details but said she has gone through hell with her husband.

She went on to share that she gave Cushane the benefit of the doubt the last time he lied about helping a friend after he went out late and did not return home until the morning. But according to Crissy, he went to “rescue” Shani once again and flew her out to Orlando last Christmas.

Watch the videos below.

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