PRANK? Woman Releases Evidence of Affair With CMR – Watch Videos

Friday, March 17, 2023, 12:26 PM

The Carters, one of Jamaica’s most popular and beloved YouTube families, have fallen into a scandal after a woman exposed messages to reveal her affair with Cushane Carter. The woman, identified as Shani, took to social media with voice messages that Cushane sent and went live, explaining that he ruined her life.

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In one of the leaked audios, Cushane is speaking about losing his wallet and being unable to answer her calls while referring to her as “babes.” 

“Aww yuh voice sound so cute, yuh miss me too? I miss you too, babes,” he said. Cushane, known as CMR, also sang Vybz Kartel’s Enchanting, replacing some of the original lyrics with his own words to say, “Shani yuh punanny a paradise.”

The affair apparently ended severely, which was why she revealed the messages. Shani spoke about cutting ties with Cushane and added, “This nigga done help fi f**k mi up more mental. Mi did been have mental issues, and him mek it worse.”

Shani, who said that she is a victim of rape and abuse, explained that she has a history of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to Shani, she trusted Cushane and confided in him about all her past traumas, but he betrayed her by using her for sex and moving on to the next.

During the live session, Shani attempted to shut down the accusations of her ruining Cushane’s marriage, saying he was the one who made a move on her when she was “vulnerable” despite being married. She also said he gave her his bank card, which she displayed in the video.

“As a f**king female, me neva have nuh adda f**king option, but fi f**k him because mi need help…A dat a di real f**king truth,” she explained.

The video and leaked messages have been in high circulation, but Shani seems to be receiving a lot of bad reactions from viewers who bashed her for sleeping with a married man. While addressing the backlash in another video, she revealed that she did not care.

“Him nuh all dat…First of all him h**d neeven big..him have a likkle looks and have likkle money,” she said.

The cheating allegations were ultimately revealed to be a prank, which Shani said in another live stream after CMR dropped his new song, Not A Failure, some hours ago. In the live session, she appeared happy and had CMR’s latest track playing in the background, urging viewers to stream the song on YouTube. Some viewers were still in disbelief that the allegations were false, saying that she was paid off to say it was a prank, but Shani stressed that she never slept with him.

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 Cushane Carter and his wife, Crissy, started a family channel back in 2018, and they stole the hearts of millions of viewers. Crissy, who was doing live makeup videos, married her best friend, migrated to Florida, and had four daughters (Kyra, Amelia, Janay, and baby Olivia) with her husband.

Watch the video of Shani and the leaked voice messages below:

Watch Shani saying it’s a prank below:

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