Heartbroken Crissy Speaks After CMR and Shani Apologised – Watch Video

In a less than a minute-long video clip, Crissy Carter, wife of Cushane Carter took to social media several hours ago to give fans an update on her mental state amidst the drama in her life.

To start off her statement she outlined that her voice is “completely a mess”, however, she is “Ok” and she wanted everyone to know that. Crissy then told her fans that she will be taking some time off as she continues to process everything.


She declared that she will be back on social media soon.

“I am doing this video because I want everyone to know that I’m ok.. I’m still trying to process everything but I love you guys… now I know.. I love you guys even more… see you guys soon, much love guys,” Crissy concluded.

One person watched the video of Crissy talking and replied, “Can hear the pain in her voice be strong hun much love,” while another said, “This too shall pass.”

This was her caption to her video statement, “I love you guys! Thanks a million for checking up on me ❤️ #watchcriss…”

Watch her talking below:

See more reactions below:

This video from Crissy comes a day after CMR apologized and hours after Shani also apologized online.

Several days ago, during a live stream, Cushane’s former mistress, Shani, revealed multiple incriminating voice messages that the popular YouTube vlogger sent her. She stated that Cushane took advantage of her, as she was struggling financially and had a history of depression.

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Following her video’s viral release on the internet, Shani and Cushane declared her previous statements a hoax. Wally British came forward to outline that it was not a prank, Crissy also stated that it was not a prank which prompted both Shani and Cushane to Apologize publicly.

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