Chief Richard Currie Speaks Out in Defence of Haitians: “Why Are We Treating the Haitians Like They’re Substandard?” – Video

Friday, May 24, 2024, 1:56 PM

As violence continues to force many Haitians to flee their homes, Accompong Maroon Chief Richard Currie has questioned why citizens of Jamaica’s Caribbean neighbour are being treated as inferior.

During a live stream, Chief Currie talked about British colonialism as well as the history of the maroons in Jamaica and their fight against slavery. Currie also noted the integral role Haitian maroons played in the liberation of slaves and the fight against colonialism.


Currie expressed that there is only one difference between Haiti‘s revolution and Jamaica’s journey to independence. The chief explained that Haiti chose to completely remove their colonial overlords, the French, while Jamaica signed a treaty with the British.

Richard Currie

As he further spoke on the importance of the Haitians’ role in the fight against slavery, Currie questioned why they are now being treated as fourth-class citizens instead of being celebrated.

“Do you see what’s happening in Haiti right now? A state that we should be proud of. You see Haitians come on our borders, and they’re turned around the same day. Our brothers who fought the resistance with us [ … ] We fought a war together. We sought freedom together. Then why are we treating the Haitians like they’re substandard, third-class, fourth-class citizens?” Currie questioned.

Chief Currie also questions why a concerted plan has not been devised to assist Haitians amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country. The video was shared on youtube by Humans of Jamaica.

Watch Chief Currie’s Live Stream below.

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