Mutabaruka Warns PM Holness About Sending Soldiers to Haiti

During his Cutting Edge programme on the radio, Afrocentric radio personality, musician, and poet, Mutabaruka shared his views on the prime minister of Jamaica’s plans to send soldiers to Haiti amidst the ongoing crisis.

In March, via a revealing interview, Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Cherizier, an ex-police officer now leading an armed group in Haiti, expressed his willingness to engage in peace talks. However, he stipulated a critical condition: Haitians must be included in the dialogue process.


“If the international community comes with a detailed plan where we can sit together and talk, but they do not impose on us what we should decide, I think the weapons could be lowered,” he stated.

The prospect of foreign military intervention in Haiti has been met with staunch opposition from ‘Barbecue.’ In the interview with Sky News, he categorically states that any foreign troops will be seen as invaders, promising a lethal response.

His remarks underscore the complexities of external involvement in Haiti’s affairs and highlight the potential for increased conflict if such interventions are perceived as undermining Haitian sovereignty.

Last year, Prime Minister Andrew Holness declared Jamaica’s readiness to send military personnel to Haiti for a multinational security assistance mission. Reports at that time indicated that approximately 200 members of the Jamaica Defence Force would be part of this deployment.

Since the news broke, Mutabaruka has been campaigning against Holness’ plans while blaming the US for the ongoing atrocities in Haiti.

Listen to the audio below:

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