Child Here Disrespecting His Teacher, She Says He is Demon-Possessed – Watch Video

February 11, 2023 12:54 PM

In a viral video, a young boy seemingly from an elementary school tells his teacher where to stick it and displays extreme disrespect to his senior, which seems like an indication that he has a bad temper.

There were screams and tantrums on the part of the child for over a minute, despite the teacher’s attempts to calm him down, even telling him that he was not in charge there.  


But the defiant child could care less about none of it, as he continued to scream and even rattle off a couple of expletives, when he realized that he was being recorded by the camera he held up his middle finger towards the lens, revealing his uncontained anger. 

The school where this happened was not disclosed but based on the uniform members of the public may be able to identify the school.

The parents of the unruly child have not come forward publicly to explain the child’s behaviour and most of the comments under the video seem to be pointing to the child’s upbringing and the parent’s way of raising him.

The Jamaican public is not new to these sorts of videos of students taking on educators and authoritative figures, many of which have gone viral this year alone, showing students confronting and fighting teachers and authoritative figures.

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No representative from the ministry of education, the entity responsible for the governance of schools on the Island, has commented on the issue or outlined any steps to address these concerns. 


See the video below:



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