Students vs. Dean of Discipline Fight at Norman Manley High School – Watch Video

A short video clip of a physical altercation between a man who is said to be the dean of discipline of the Norman Manley High School in Kingston, Jamaica, and multiple students who attend the school, is currently making waves on social media as viewers react.

The video of the incident shows the dean, who has a firm grip on one of the female students involved, while he uses his outstretched arm to land heavy open-handed hits on the child. In what seems to be retaliation, the female student in the dean’s grip, along with many others that jumped into the fray, gang up on the teacher and start to fight back.

It is alleged that a weapon was also drawn during the episode, but the chaos of the video did not afford a visual to support that detail.

After watching the clip someone stated, “Watch tomorrow future leaders …… WTH is happening in our society today ???,” while another mentioned, “The ministry of education will suspend the dean of discipline by next week.”

Many other speakers in the post’s comment section traded remarks back and forth stating that students should also be held accountable for their actions and that the level of violence and gang mentality in schools is why teachers are leaving the classrooms in droves.

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Watch the short clip below:

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